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Nouvelle Vauge in Athens on the 27 november!

Nouvelle Vauge in Athens on the 27 november!

From hand to hand spread of the album Nouvelle Vague in Greece, since no original record company did not consider that there was good reason for him released. So everyone began to wonder “but what he adapted the” Guns of Brixton “huh?” And “what is that saying the divine” love will tear us apart “;». Gradually, their name began to “play” with fury in small places the center and alternative radio frequencies. The sayings repeated by machine-gun pace: “They say Nouvelle Vague and French.

They started from Paris, but by far surpassed the borders of France. The Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux are two of the most polypragmones musicians – producers of the French scene over the past 12 years (with albums on valid labels, such as F Communications, Output, Naïve, etc.). When their paths reached a common point they decided to build a creative and eclectic format, designed to honor the teens listen to.

Having grown up with the famous new wave bands of the period 1977-1984, The two musicians have chosen to adapt timeless compositions punk, post punk to new wave bands such as Joy Division, Clash, Dead Kennedys, XTC, Cure, Tuxedomoon, Depeche Mode, Public Image Limited, Undertones, Josef K, etc.

But because these songs would make no sense to diaskefastoun with similar orchestrations, the Nouvelle Vague decided to keep the melodic core of each composition and re-run everything from scratch, using simple, acoustic orchestrations referring to the style of bossa nova , the jazz of the ’50s and the pop of the 60s.

Then searched and found eight vocalists (six French, one Brazilian and one New Yorker) but which, in addition to having beautiful voices, had to meet a key requirement. Do not have never heard the songs will be interpreted, just not to be affected by the original, not in the least.

The album created a huge sensation around the world, after the tracks is like rewritten from scratch. It looks really amazing how transformed the punk paean of the Clash, «Guns Of Brixton», with gentle acoustic guitars and that the absolute erotic anthem of Joy Division “Love Will tear Us Apart” forces each time the radio producers to answer hundreds of phone calls requiring listeners to learn “what diaskefazoun so beautiful this song. On the other hand, the “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode is served again highlighting the potential of casual, and even the Martin L. Gore would admit that his performance in “In a Manner of Speaking” of Tuxedomoon are not as subversive and yet so enjoyable!

In recent years they have toured around the world (from Scandinavia to Tel Aviv to Turkey and Mexico) and have come together with Dead Can Dance in the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. They managed to win the public and major festivals (Big Chill, Primavera, Glastonbury, Overground) and small clubs (Jazz Café, Blue Note) and of course those who have seen them live in one of their performances in Greece, we have every reason appointments to restore the band inspired by France, whose most recent record release after the album with the symbolic title of “Vande A ‘part” (a tribute to the homonymous film by Jean-Luc Godard), is the NV3. With this new work to the NV go a step further, after this time, not just cover versions recorded favorite songs, but invited them to the studio and into the microphone the original singers! Thus, the NV3, among others, the lead singer of the group, Melanie Pain, interprets Master and Servant with the Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), and the All my colours together with Ian McCulloch (Echo and the Bunnymen) – the Marina Celeste sings the Our lips are sealed, with Terry Hall (Specials) and Funboy Three – the Nadeah Miranda do a duet together with Barry Adamson of the Parade Magazine.

“It was a fantastic experience,” says Olivier, “but also very daunting at the same time, working with someone like Mc Culloch: When I listen to the studio to sing, you want to record 15 songs with him, not just one! All these guys are so cool – are fine, they have style is funny, love music and are very passionate. ”

H extraordinary success of Nouvelle Vague, which started as a joke almost, is such that many people who do not know the original songs, considers this to their own compositions.

The concert in November, however, by Marc Collin and will present the new singer of the group!

Gagarin 205 Live Music Space: Liosia 205, THYMARAKIA Athens
Start time: 21.30
Ticket price: 30 €
Presale: Metropolis, Ticket House, www.i-ticket.gr

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