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Athenstyle Boutique Hostel

AthenStyle, a luxury boutique hostel located in the historic centre of Athens.


Reception +30 210 322 5010



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Right after the Greek festival season, Clean Monday is following as one of the most anticipated days of the year. It is one of these days when Greek people are bringing some old traditions back to life. Normally, every clean Monday people are celebrating the start of spring

  10 years ago, when Athenians did not even know what a Hostel was and travelers with large backpacks were getting weird looks, AthenStyle was founded in Monastiraki. It came to rock the boat of the local hotels and it immediately became the melting pot in the historic center of Athens of the lucky travelers that happened to pass by our city for a few days and exchange stories with others.  The AthenStyle Rooftop Bar quickly became the alternative choice for those who enjoy unlimited view and a relaxed, pleasant ambience.  10 years of AthenStyle, 10 years of travels, 10 years of Rooftop Bar, 10 years of unforgettable memories that have changed Athenians' opinions on Hostels: truly unique moments.   Such a unique moment awaits us on Friday 1st June 2018. Come celebrate with us from the sunset on our Rooftop to our live show at the BAR NEXT DOOR

10 years ago, when Athenians did not even know what a Hostel was and travelerswith large backpacks were getting weird looks, AthenStyle was founded in Monastiraki. It came to rock the boat of the local hotels and it immediately became the melting pot in the historic center of Athens of the lucky travelers that happened to pass by our city for a few days and exchange stories with others.  The AthenStyle Rooftop Bar quickly became the alternative choice for those who enjoy unlimited view and a relaxed, pleasant ambience.  10 years of AthenStyle, 10 years of travels, 10 years of Rooftop Bar, 10 years of unforgettable memories that have changed Athenians‘ opinions on Hostels: truly unique moments.   Such a unique moment awaits us on Friday 1st June 2018. Come celebrate with us from the sunset on our Rooftop to our live show at the BAR NEXT DOOR on the ground floor with Appalachian Cobra Worshippers and DJ RPM Cartel.   RSVP to our event by emailing your name, company and number of people to info@AthenStyle.com until 30/05/18. https://www.AthenStyle.com – http://www.AthenStyle.gr  Agias Theklas

Experience sailing on a yacht for an entire week!   Join us in this amazing 7-day long sailing trip and experience and visit places like Hydra, Poros, Spetses, Perdika, Nafplio and Porto-Heli.   Email us for info & reservations: info@athenstyle.com   More details: The 7-day Saronic sailing trip costs 123 euro/person/day (860/week).

Η εορταστική βδομάδα των Χριστουγέννων ξεκίνησε! Ελάτε να πιείτε τον πρωινό σας καφέ μαζί μας από ψηλά και θα είστε έτοιμοι μετά για τα ψώνια της ημέρας! Αλλιώς ελάτε να χαλαρώσετε και ν'απολαύστε την θέα αφού ολοκληρώσετε τις αγορές σας! Κάθε μέρα μαζί σας απ'τις 10πμ.

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