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Athenstyle Boutique Hostel

AthenStyle, a luxury boutique hostel located in the historic centre of Athens.


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AthenStyle Citywalks!

AthenStyle Citywalks!

Every week in AthenStyle, we offer to the guests a free citywalk for the city centre. We start from the hostel at 10.15, right after the breakfast and we visit during approximately three hours some important monuments and archaeological sites. And the best is that at the same time, Silvia, the guide, will give you some tips about what you’re seeing.

During the last months we have done different routes alternating visits to museums, parks, parades on national holidays… Maybe during your stay you coincide with some special event, a street festival or one of the days with free entrance to the site,.. in Athens you’ll never know… here it’s always something happening!

Are you staying with us next Thursday? You’re lucky! Don’t miss our weekly citywalk with the tips of Silvia! You will jump to the past!


Panathenaikon Stadium

Also knows as Kallimarmaro Stadium, that means “beautifully marbled”. In 330 BC a stadium made of wood was built at this location. In the mid 2nd century AD, the whole Stadium was laid out in marble by Herodes son of Atticus, but in the 19th century was re-constructed with new marble to attempt in 1896 the inauguration of the First Olympic Games in the modern history. 

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