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26th Athens Running Tour

26th Athens Running Tour

The 26th Athens Running Tour, staged by the City of Athens and the City’s Youth and Sport Organisation, will be held 13 December.

The Athens Running Tour is one of the major events held by the Organisation and each year attracts more and more participants from Greece and abroad. It has been staged by the Youth and Sport Organisation over the last 22 years with the participation and support of many city, national and private organisations.

Each year, thousands of Athenians and foreign participants of all ages spill into the streets of Athens with enthusiasm and high spirits to change the city’s image. The message they send is one of brotherhood and fair play.

The Athens Running Tour is a multi-faceted event that also includes artistic and cultural activities, such as music, art, theatre performances and concerts. Is not a race of speed, after all; participation is what counts, so, if the weather is good, in AthenStyle we propose a walk with the guests and soe staff members. The meeting point is at h 10.00 at the reception-lounge area.

You are all very welcome to come on Sunday!


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